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Ultimate Fantasy Carmen Réel Size Doll (165cm)

Livré sous 48/72h

This beautiful doll with brown hair is 1 meter 65 cm tall and weighs 34 kilos.


Ultimate Fantasy Carmen Réel Size Doll (165cm)

Brand: Pipedream

Collection: Ultimate Fantasy Dolls

This beautiful doll with brown hair is 1 meter 65 cm tall and weighs 34 kilos.

It has an aluminum skeleton in order to be able to take different positions.

Your doll has three holes to allow sexual play. Remember to always use a water-based lubricant, when entering the vaginal, anal or oral opening to ensure better glide and an optimal sexual experience.

Although your doll has an articulated spine, it is not designed to support too much weight. When taking positions like doggy style, it is recommended that you support your torso with pillows.

The skeleton structure of your doll is made of stainless steel, which means that it can accompany you in the shower. Although his body can withstand moisture, his head cannot. Do not put your doll's head in water or any kind of liquid.

A heating wand has been included to add for added realism during penetration. The wand is charged via USB.

Its 3 holes are 13 cm deep.

Bolts have been attached to your doll's stainless steel skeleton to give it the balance it needs to stay upright.

Your doll's hair should be cleaned as needed. It is better to remove the wig from its head for cleaning.

The Carmen doll is delivered with its lubricant, its cleanser, its heating wand, an irrigator for cleaning the orifices.

Carton weight: 44 kilos

Composition: TPE, stainless steel

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